7th Annual Severn School of Surgery Research, Audit & Quality Improvement Training and Prize Day

Category: Training - School of Surgery

Date: June 26th 2015

Location: Engineers’ House, The Promenade, Clifton Down, Bristol BS8 3NB

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A quick guide to the information below:


Registration. Registration is required to attend this event. If you wish to attend, please send your name, job title and email address to kate.taylor@bristol.ac.uk


Submitting Research, Audit and Quality Improvement Abstracts. Abstracts/related questions should be submitted to Sean.Strong@bristol.ac.uk. Deadline for abstract submission is  1st of May, 2015


Submitting Surgical Trials Proposals. Proposals/related questions should be submitted to b.g.main@bristol.ac.uk. Deadline for proposal submission is (again) 1st of May, 2015






Attn: Severn School of Surgery trainees! Pitch your trial ideas in the Dragons Den learn about trial design and funding and take home the John Farndon prize!

Present your own work to your peers and trainers you could win both the prestigious Southwest Surgeons prize and additional award for the best overall presentation.

Details of how to prepare and submit trial ideas and abstracts can be found below.

Plus: Trainees successfully submitting an abstract AND who attend the whole day will receive a complementary ticket to the annual dinner in Bristol.


Registration required with your name, job title and email address by contacting: kate.taylor@bristol.ac.uk 


Research, Audit & Quality Improvement Abstract Submissions

Trainees from all surgical specialties in the Severn Deanery are invited to submit abstracts for consideration for presentation at the annual Research and Audit Day.

The submission categories are as follows:

  1. Research abstracts (to the value £1000)
  2. Audit abstracts (to the value £500)
  3. Quality improvement abstracts (to the value £500)

Please submit your abstracts in TWO formats: First - including all details. Second - omitting authorship and institution information (to allow for anonymised marking).

  1. Title of project.
  2. Authors with presenting author underlined and responsible author highlighted in bold.
  3. Details of the department from where the work originated.
  4. Structured within 250 words or less (see below).   

Research Abstracts

Abstracts should take this format:

'Introduction and aim, methods, results, conclusion and interpretation.'

Please also submit evidence of research ethics approval or justification for absence (from the ethics committee). Abstracts submitted without this evidence will be rejected.

Audit Abstracts

Abstracts should take this format:

Audit standard and aim, methods, results, conclusion and clinical relevance’.

Please also submit evidence of audit registration in the appropriate NHS Trust. Abstracts submitted without this evidence will be rejected.

Quality or Service Improvement Abstracts

Abstracts should take this format:

'Context, problem, assessment of problem and analysis of causes, intervention, strategy for change, measures for improvement, effects of change and lessons learnt.’

Quality improvement projects do not compare practice to current standards (audit), and do not involve interventions or measuring outcomes that are not routine practice (research). 

Quality improvement is about reliably applying evidence based medicine to routine clinical care. This should be achieved by applying quality improvement methodology i.e. small cycle tests of change (PDSA cycles) aiming for 95% reliability which ultimately bring about an improvement in patient safety or quality of clinical care.

Trainees who successfully submit an abstract conforming to the above regulations will be offered one free ticket to the evening dinner in Bristol on the 26th of June 2015.

Deadline for submission is the 1st of May, 2015.

Abstracts should be submitted to Mr Sean Strong: Sean.Strong@bristol.ac.uk (please contact directly if further details are required.)

Surgical Trials Proposals

Win the opportunity to design and conduct a RCT in surgery!

The Bristol Surgical Trials Centre (BSTC) is part of an exciting initiative led by the Royal College of Surgeons of England that aims to increase the number and quality of randomised trials (RCTs) in surgery. This year, we are teaming up with the Severn
School of Surgery & the South West Surgeons to run an exciting competition for surgeons in the region.

We invite you to submit ideas for new trials and to work with us to develop these proposals into full and fundable ideas. All proposals for RCTs in any type of surgery will be considered.

Proposals should be submitted by 1st May 2015 and contain the following information in no more than 500 words:

  • Name of lead and other team members, including specialty and grade. Each team must consist of at least one consultant surgeon
  • Background and rationale for the RCT, including existing literature reviews
  • Hypothesis to be tested
  • Trial design including suggested primary and secondary endpoints and details of intervention(s)

Submissions will be anonymised and judged by a panel of methodologists and surgeons. The main focus will be on the feasibility and deliverability of the idea rather than specifics of trial design. Mentorship will be offered to help you prepare the pitch.

Authors will be informed of the outcome by 1st June 2015. Shortlisted individuals/teams will be invited to present their ideas in a Dragon’s Den at the annual Research and Audit training day on Friday 26th June 2015. The winning team will have the opportunity to help write a proposal to obtain funding to run the trial.

Requests for further information and abstract submissions should be emailed to b.g.main@bristol.ac.uk as a Word file.

The deadline for submissions is 1st May 2015.